Competitiveness and Advantage

I Yuan has more than 30 years of experiences on single-color and two-color plastic steel mold, double-injection molding parts and medical equipment parts production. Its plastic products are widely used in medical equipment, electronic components, automobile and motorcycle parts, communication equipment, computer peripheral products, home appliances, 3C casing and lens parts, etc. At present, the main customer groups of I Yuan are as follows: Medical Biotechnology Companies: Bionim...

Process Capability

I Yuan has strong manufacturing capabilities to meet customer demand on delivery and quality, and it continuously improves its manufacturing expertise. Yi Yuan owns complete automated equipment, precise detection capability and excellent quality control. Additionally, it adopts ERP system to implement the production planning and provide instant production information, enabling us to achieve superior production performance, to shorten the production cycle and improve quality, so as to prov...

Social Welfare Activities

Since 2015, I Yuan has been engaged in social welfare to show care for the society, and adhered to the spirit of “From the Society and For the Society”. I Yuan cares the vulnerable groups, spreads the love to all corners, and takes part in activities such as social and human care, and the promotion of health and environmental protection. Besides, I Yuan has sponsored the Ganlin Foundation's care for the elderly living alone in cold winter, the Eden Social Welfare Foundation, the Tainan...
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