Social Welfare Activities

  • Since 2015, I Yuan has been engaged in social welfare to show care for the society, and adhered to the spirit of “From the Society and For the Society”. I Yuan cares the vulnerable groups, spreads the love to all corners, and takes part in activities such as social and human care, and the promotion of health and environmental protection.
  • Besides, I Yuan has sponsored the Ganlin Foundation's care for the elderly living alone in cold winter, the Eden Social Welfare Foundation, the Tainan Community Care Association, and Taiwan Fund for Children and Families, and helped the families with disabilities. Moreover, I Yuan partners with the Taichung Special School for the Students with Hearing Impairments and provides internship opportunities for students with physical and mental disabilities to learn working skills. We will do our utmost to fulfill the social responsibilities and obligations, and uphold the concept "Expand the respect of the aged in your family to those of other families; expand the love of the young ones in your family to those of other families," thus spreading our love to every corner of the world.

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